1. Jim DeLaney

    Swap item received!

    A bit late to the party - shipping delays, then camera problems... but here it is! An absolutely beautiful box, with drawers, from Charles Hans. It's walnut, with zebrawood side inserts and drawer fronts. A great combination, Charles. My wife has already commandeered it for her sewing...
  2. Brent Dowell

    Swap Gallery - Official - 2015/09/28

    In order to make it easy on everyone, just email the pictures of your completed projects to webmaster@familywoodworking.org and I'll add them to this post. Feel free to comment if you wish, but if you send me the pictures, I'll make sure they all end up in these first few posts. Name...
  3. Darren Wright

    SWAP - Shop made tool or jig - poll added

    I've had on my list to make a few tools and jigs to use around the shop. I thought something like that might make for a good swap here on the forum. So what I'm proposing is that not only do those that participate make a jig or tool for themselves, but make two, keep one, ship one to another...