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    From timber to Jewelrybox, nothing but headaches.

    I'm just getting into fine woodworking, though I've volunteered building scenery and the like for my local theater for years. I found a honey of a design for a jewelrybox that I'd like to give my fiance for Christmas. But some problems keep popping up. First, my materials. I'm using castoffs...
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    Joining Hardwood Panels

    Hi Folks, I found some 1/2” thick 4” x 96” hardwood panels that I wood like to use for wood paneling. I am fairly new to Woodworking, but I have a good router and router table, also a R4512 table saw. I know that tong and grove is an option, but the wood I am using (Macacauba) is hard and a...
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    Help selecting Bandsaw, Jointer, Planer, and Table Saw

    Hi all, I am getting close to setting up a new shop, and I have read countless books, posts, and magazines about what to get and what not to get, but am still looking for more suggestions. Currently, I'm trying to decide on a jointer, planer, and table saw. Here's the current break down...