1. E

    Crosscutting jig for repetitive small work, request for comments.

    Hi all, I jumbled together this jig to make a bunch of the same small pieces (for a prototype of a game). Note the riser to protect myself from the blade, especially my left hand that is operating the clamp. I intend to cover the blade completely, that can be done by simply attaching an extra...
  2. larry merlau

    Plywood cutting jig

    here is what makes a third hand for me in breaking down plywood, made from scrounged parts that are readily available and used some yankee ingenuity and ideas seen elsewhere in others shops or magazines. sets up quick with the use of my scrap barrel. dismantles easily and realigns with...
  3. Bill Arnold

    Overhead Tablesaw Guard and DC

    I recently completed more of my dust collection system and added the overhead system for my tablesaw that I've planned for a long time. Rather than take up space on the forum server with a bunch of photos, I added a page to my website. To see my installation, click here.
  4. J

    tablesaw feeder

    I was a a woodworking show and was amazed at the things that the grip-tite demonstrator cut on his tablesaw- 3/8" x 1/4" x 8' piece cut in half lengthwise-pulled out of the saw by an 8 year old passerby, a warped piece of plywood 4' high rabbeted perfectly on edge, 1/8" x 3/4" strips 6 feet long...