1. larry merlau

    cheap 40" drawer slides

    been awhile since i gave anything back, and have asked a few questions in the past months. so seeing as how its the season to give for some folks i had a small job come in that needed 40" slides.. went to price them and decided that wasnt in the budget.. so used some of what i had laying around...
  2. D

    jigsaw puzzles

    Here are a few more puzzles, I've created in the last few months. Thanks again for the warm welcome.
  3. larry merlau

    Drawer slides- Wooden

    show me your examples of wooden drawer slides and how you put them into the piece that you have made.. and any tips on what to do to make it easier.. i have 3 dressers to make and have heard that wooden slides are the best approach to this..i have used the pre-made ones in a hutch and i also...