1. Z

    Can I cut a 2x6 this way?

    I'm new to the world of wood working and am currently building my first workbench. I'm keeping detail work like drawers to a minimum with this one just so I can finish it. I'm wondering if this is a 'acceptable' thing to do structure wise. Here are my plans: The Green colored board is a 2x6...
  2. T

    Cabinetmakers workbench-$1600

    Cabinetmakers workbench- custom made . The workbench top measures 29" x 90". The top is 4" thick solid hard maple.The front vise is a Veritas twin screw chain vise, 20" apart. The tail vise is a german made tail vise and has not been built/ installed. There is currently a solid block of wood...
  3. Jeff Bower

    Shop Update...New/Old Workbench

    I've been updating my old shop tour but decided to start a new one since I finally have it set up the way I want.:rolleyes::D Just before Christmas, my dad decided his workbench was taking up to much room and asked if I wanted it. Of course I said yes! I traded gave him a couple of drawer...