1 2 3 blocks

I bought a set of these blocks on a try and have used them far more that I thought ever would.
Typically machinest blocks they measure 1 inch thick 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. They are available with drilled and threaded holes or solid / plane.
They are great for setting fences square, spacers and fixture elements .
I have found the usefulness to be very flexible and at the price they have paid for themselves in no time in accuracy and setup savings.
The picture here is just one example that I have photographed.
This is the set I bought there are many options. Hope this helps with your projects in some way.
mike calabrese55


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Amen. I use them at the tablesaw, DP, router table, for setup work, for marking and measuring . . . I think they come out at nearly every project. I have even used them as clamping squares (with a little tape for protection) for small trays. Great for confirming my chisel is dead straight . . .

GnG Wall Cab (108).jpg
I also have a few sets of the 4" brass setup bars from Whiteside at machine stations for setup, dimensional confirmation, depth testing, etc.

If you don't have 1-2-3 or setup blocks I would add them to your Xmas list for sure.
I also have these, and yes, they are very handy. So are the brass keyway stock pieces, also for setting fence positions, router bit height or fence settings on the router table, but I sometimes use both for similar reasons with my drill presses too. These have all been very handy, and what I depended almost completely on until going fully digital about 20 years ago. Digital calipers, table saw fence position readout, digital angle and tilt gauges, etc. and most all were taken from the machinist metal working trade. My projects now fit together far better than anything built before I bought these tools. The 1-2-3 blocks and keyway stock together with my digital tools made a giant step forward in the accuracy and speed of assembly of my projects.