12" Disc Sander

I've never had a freestanding 12" disc sander but I have had one on my Shopsmith as long as I have owned one. I am currently on my third Shopsmith and have never bought one new. You can pick them up fairly cheaply if you look around. The one I have now I bought from a lady going through a divorce and she sold me the Shopsmith 500, planer, jointer, scroll saw and tons of other accessories for $500. I paid cash and headed home before her husband found out. I sold off the planer, jointer and scroll saw as well as my old Shopsmith for more than I paid her.

I really like the versatility of the set up on the Shopsmith. You can mount the disc so that it sticks through the slot that would normally be used for the tablesaw blade or you can just slide the table up to disc mounted on the motor shaft. You can also mount the disc on the rear of the motor shaft and use it in reverse for sharpening with an extension table. I used to sharpen my lathe tools that way.

I have an adaptor with a #2 Morse taper that I can insert into my lathe spindle and with a draw bar use the disc on the lathe. I don't do that often but on occasion it is nice to have the increased swing.

Shopsmiths are not the best as a table saw and stink as a lathe but they sure do a nice job as a drill press, horizontal boring machine and as a versatile 12" disc sander.