13 inch planer

David Johnson

My old DeWalt planner finally bit the dust. Won't allow height adjustment any longer. Guess I could rip it apart and try to fix but in mood to replace the unit. What are the thoughts on new DeWalt planers? Also reviewing the Grizzly with granite table(?) with helical cutter. DeWalt can be obtained for 559 The Grizzly with the extras is 749. LOML has bad taste for Grizzly because of problems with table saw I had prchased with no techinical support, they didn't know how to fix just replace motor. ( Bad motor contacts) What are some thoughts on these planer.
Thanks for the input.
I've been very pleased with my DW735X - does exactly what I need done. As to Grizzly, I have a tablesaw, 17" bandsaw, 14" bandsaw, and some smaller items - never had a problem with support.
I’ve not had any issues with grizzly, but ive not owned a smaller mass produced/rebranded machine like those planers are from them, just larger machines with separate motors. It might be worth the trip to Springfield to look through the scratch and dent area. It might save you a bit more if there is one.
I've had the 735 for about 14 years. I replaced the head with a Byrd about 4 years ago. It is a great machine. In all that time I have had only two issues. I replaced the drive belt once (no big deal) and the dust collection. The internal impeller that works well on its own just does not cooperate with a dust collector. Chips and dust back up in the machine and inhibit height adjustment and it required a cover removal and tedious clean out every couple of hours of use, Solution - I removed the impeller and rely on the DC only. Works like a charm. I've not had to open the unit and clean it in a very long time.

No experience with the Griz, but perhaps Glenn will chime in. He has one I believe.