3D Printer enclosure Build

Don Baer

Staff member
I decided to upgrade my 3D printing by putting the printer in an enclosure to control the temperature. When doing prints especially with certain materials and tall prints it is important to keep the print warm and prevent drafts for proper adhesion of the filament. his one is for the Anycube Kobra and I figured that I need it to be 24x24x28. I looked at getting some clear acrylic and planned on buying 5 sheets measuring 24x32 and printing up some Corner brackets to hold it all together. The cost for the acrylic was 24 per sheet and the time to print the brackets was about 1 day of printing. I started to look for premade enclosure and ran into this one on Amazon so I ordered it. It measures 22x26x30 and cost $45. It took all of 20 minutes to put together. I set the little desk lamp in there for now but I get a small LED light to put in the next time I am out. $120 vs 45 this one will bet the job done just fine.

Brent Dowell

Staff member
Reno NV
I had a shelf on wheels out in the shop. I use it for storing filament and on one section was able to fit my AM8 printer in there. I put some plexiglass doors on it and it works great. In the winter, I have a tiny little space heater I can use to pre-warm it up.

Don't really need the heat so much for pla, but used it when I printed abs. I mainly use it for tpu now, but have some nylon I'm going to be printing so It should come in handy for that.