6 20mm Si Cloudray mirrors - NEW

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
I bought these SIX 20mm Si mirrors by mistake. My machine uses 25mm

I never used them. I have not even taken the protective wrap from Cloudray off the mirrors.

Brand new in like I opened the box and said Ohhhh — you know what.

So now I want to set up a combine mirror setup so I can send the red laser through the mirrors into the lense and onto the work - BUT I need a little financial help.

I paid FULL cloudray PLUS shipping cost. Over $100 all together. OUCH

I will sell - with free shipping inside the lower 48 - for a $65 Amazon Gift card, that I can use to apply towards by combine setup. Email the gift card to me, and I will ship the 6 brand new mirrors in the original Cloudray plastic box.