A bit of Yew

North West Indiana
That is superb Chas!!! The two close lines mimicked by the two lines farther apart on the lid really add a touch of class to it. The very top of your finial/lid is spot on. I usually try for a point and it seldom works out and just never seem to achieve the arch you have on yours. Wonderful !!!!!!!!!

Ryan Mooney

Staff member
The Gorge Area, Oregon
the forms are all in there somewhere

Simply take the wood and remove everything that's not the shape you wanted.. Soooo easy :rofl:

I think one of the things you've figured out to at least some extent that a lot of us (or maybe just me.. I dunno) find tricky is actually being able to see/know the shape in some fashion. At the very least you've managed to figure out how to end up with forms that are coherent in form and have that emerge from the form.