a little something for Leo

I use to come home from work after nerve racking day, put that record on my stereo, dawn my headphones lay flat on the floor, close my eyes and listen. Great piece of music. I always picture a slow moving caravan of camels coming across the desert, in single file. getting closer and closer to the oasis. I know it has nothing to do with that, But it, for some reason what I pictured.
I'm sure I've heard Bolero at some time or other, but my go-to music is Amad Jamal... after a trying day at work dealing with customers, customs, department of transporttion/licensing, etc., steamship lines, trucking and airlines, would put his records on and chill out for hour or two and was good for the evening.
The video is a good way of really getting the ROI out of an instrument, and save on surcharges on luggage in flights.
As per the other skin rubbing comments... I stand for the fifth ammendment. :ROFLMAO: