A pepper mill

fred hargis

Wapakoneta, OH
This is certainly not a big deal for any of you experienced turners......but I'm not a turner. Anyway, someone in the house thought we needed a pepper mill to "experience the great taste of fresh ground pepper". I thought, well I have a lathe and some tools....why not? Oh, yeh...forgot the part about not being a turner. Anway, after futzing around making a prototype (or practice piece, whatever) and some other missteps, I came up with this. You can see the practice (ash) and what I wound up for a working model. A turner can see my sweep isn't completely perfect and things like that, but we're happy with it. They are amazingly easy to make if you're a turner. If you're not it's takes a little a little more thought. The final version was cherry, and I wiped on a coat of varnish.


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Ryan Mooney

Staff member
The Gorge Area, Oregon
Looks pretty dandy to me as well..

There is a little flat in the sweep but that's a tradeoff for not going through the side ;) I'm sure you could somehow get a fairer curve but it's still pretty close to what you could hope for and well more than good enough imho!

Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
I make a lot of pepper mills ... usually have 10-20 in stock at any one time.... while I don't like that style of mill (I'm a little measurementally challenged and you should be more precise in measurement on the standard mills)... I mostly do crush grinds where I can cut the shaft to size... but yours looks as good as any I've ever made... Cherry is always a good choice for the wood. Good Job...... :thumb::thumb: