Abrasive Nylon Brushes

Darren Wright

Staff member
Springfield, Missouri
I mentioned these over on my rocker build, but thought they were worth the share for those that haven't seen them. I came across them on a youtube the other day, where someone was cleaning up some cnc carvings.
2020-06-29 19.51.15.jpg

The set I bought had grits 320, 400, and 600, but have also found them from 80 grit and up.

They make pretty short work of cleaning up some of the frays and such in detailed work.

2020-06-29 19.35.49.jpg

2020-06-29 19.38.19.jpg
How much can these bristles be compressed? For instance let's say I have something with an internal diameter of about 3" with an open of about 2". Would I be able to fit one of these inside?
I'll check over lunch, They were pretty flexible, but I'd suspect you'd want some room for them to move around or the abrasive would come off or get build up on the areas that aren't able to move. I could see them working well on the outside of a turned/grooved piece quite well.