Added a camera to my K40

Brent Dowell

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So, finally got around to adding a camera to my k40 laser. The software package I use, Lightburn supports the use of a camera for doing some 'things'.

I ordered the 140 degree camera, which was probably a bit too much, the 120 degree camera would probably be sufficient and yield a better resolution, but since it's a 5 megapixel camera, it's probably ok. So, I mounted the camera to the lid and made some kickstands to prop it up at a fixed angle.

camera mount.jpg

The basic gist of it is that you calibrate the camera and then you can do a few things like scan an image on the bed and then cut it out. If

After went through the calibration wizard, I drew a squiggle with a sharpie pen on the cardstock.
calib squiggle.jpg

Then I used lightburn to trace the sharpie line and cut it out.
calib squiggle 2.jpg

This is literally just the sharpie line I drew cut out of the card stock.
calib squiggle 3.jpg

I'm actually pretty amazed with how well this works.

Other applications are you can place an object on the bed, adjust the height of the laser, and use the software to visually place what you want to engrave it on the object before you do so.

Just kind of surprised this all works as well as it does.

TLDR; I can cut a drawn on sharpie line out of stuff.
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Mike Gould

Looks like you might have a 3D printer as well?? The camera mount looks like something that could have been printed, at least in that pic.

Very cool project, I can think of many uses for this! A laser is definitely on my short list.....