Air Cleaner for Swap (07946)

Jim Mattheiss

Long Hill Township, NJ

Last week I picked up a JDS 750E Air Cleaner by the side of the road.

I can't use it and would like it to find a good home within the FWW Family.

It has an electro-static pre-filter and the cloth "bag" filter. The "bag" filter is dirty - I'm going to vacuum the "bag" filter but I don't know how clean that will get it. It has the blue "gorilla hair" exit filter which is supposed to be to reduce turbulence.

I do NOT have the remote.

It has the pull chain that goes from OFF-HIGH-LOW-OFF as you pull it. The variable speed know has no effect at either speed.

It has 4 mounting bolts but only 3 chains with screw links.

I posted a picture in the original thread above and can take more pictures as needed/requested.

It's really clean (other than the bag filter) and runs fine. I just can't fit it in my garage and don't want to store it till I up-size my shop (if ever).

I'm in Morris County NJ (07946). It's big and I'm not really interested in trying to ship it.

I will swap for some interesting wood, maybe a jointer plane or make me an offer. . . .



Carol Reed

In Memoriam
Coolidge, AZ
I posted in your original thread, Jim. Could you weight it? If shipping only meant dropping it off at the UPS Store, would you consider that? You wouldn't need to wrap it. They do that.