Another Disston for the Collection

I picked this up last week at a little antique consignment shop while on vacation in Frankfort, Mich. for $10.00. It's a Disston 112 with a medallion that dates it between 1917 and 1940. I was able to narrow that down to early '20's after doing a little research on the Disstonian Institute website. The 112 is a skew back version of the number 12 and Disston revised the name to 'D-12' and 'D-112' around 1928. An unusual feature of this particular saw is the mahogany handle; apple wood was the primary material used for handles but I found that in the '20's Disston made some of the 12 series saws with mahogany handles as ship builder rip saws. I was fortunate to find the etching still intact on the blade. I first scraped away some of the rust and then used 400 grit wet/dry paper to get down to the etching. Eventually I'll finish cleaning it up and get it sharpened.


Ryan Mooney

Staff member
The Gorge Area, Oregon
Looks to be in really great shape it doesn't seem like the rust is bad enough to cause meaningful pitting, both horns are intact, and that's some nice wheat carving on a mahogany handle. Nice find :thumb: