another sculpting feature of F 360

Don Baer

Staff member
another useful tool in Fusion is the loft feature. With this command you can connect together to separate closed body sketches in different planes. I am planning on making a half hull carving of the submarine I served on. To do this I will made a series of closed arcs of different dimensions at different distances and connect them using the loft feature. In this way I will create a profile of the hull of the submarine.
I start out by selecting the Y z plane to draw the first arcs.

The first Arc is 3 inches across and I connect the ends of the arc with a straight line creating a closed body.

now I create a second arc on the new plane 3 inches away from the first one in the X direction.


Now I use the loft command to create the first part of the hull of the submarine.


I can continue to do this and depending on the distance between sections and the radius of the arcs I can create an entire half hull.


this method could be adopted for just about any body that you want to create a 3 D model of. Model airplanes come to mind.