Any Adirondack Chair Recommendations/Tips?

Here's what they are getting
I still need to sand fresh glue drips off but will do that after it dries
Once I'm tired I'm done
Although I will start more children's chairs later

the umbrella was purchased for 27 bucks
I made the umbrella base out of leftover ends of 2x8's
Once give it to them in august I will paint it requested colors unless I can get them to paint it all


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I couldn't remember who I gave some children's chairs to because I remember making 4 of them painting 2 blue and 2 pink couple years back
Turns out I know where one is I still have it but 2 pinks and one blue my daughter took a while ago and gave them out to her friends
So I'll need at least 2 more to keep everyone happy
I'm not making adult chairs
I don't have any more nearby relatives I care to make them for hahaha
And any friend that wants one I'd be more then happy to teach them how to do cut list and if needed assist in assembly
Give a man a fish he eats today
Give a man a fishing pole he eats forever
Give a person a chair they might ask for anither
Teach them how to build them I won't be bothered anymore
And that's how I see it
Besides I'm too fat and my bad back tortures me with all the cuts and routing
Got one children's chair ready for assemble just now
A few pieces need round over then sanding
Lucked out I only needed to make one in the end

I'm moving like a machine today but I'm sure I'll be in misery in a few hours
I can't do the 8 hour days in the shop anymore not even 4 hours


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I set it up in the yard today because we had a few more people over than orginally planned, figured why not use them.
much to my suprise, my niece, th eone Im giving it to, showed up also, as pregnant as pregnant could be, looking like she was going to deliver in my yard....but since I always have stuff in the yard in in the house waiting, she didnt question anything.
the bad news is it was very windy, it caught the umbrella at one point, and the umbrella tumbed over and hit something and has a small tear in it....not that its ruined, but I hate giving a gift that is damaged.

might have to purchase a new umbrella
ryan send you a message
Im up at 3 am
got my second covid booster today and cannot believe my entire left arm pain woke me up.....not to mention my body aches ....didnt have anything after first 3 shots......

anyway, I attached a file to a message
Anyway I can get a set of those Adirondack plans? My wife just asked for 8