Anyone is up for a challenge?

Hi guys!
It's been a while since there was a box or project swap or other collective thing done in the family. So what about participating in a challenge to stir up this family?
The briefing is as follows:

Time span: two months from the start date.
Material used: any as far as there is some visible wood on it.
Style/technique: Absolutely free! Go as wild or creative as you want. Loosen up!
Pics of the making and final ones should be posted at the end, not meanwhile!
Theme: To be revealed if is there enough people interested

It would be great if we could get some sponsors to give some tools or whatever so that it could be turned into a contest. If we do not get any commercial sponsor and someone wants to give an item as prize it will be welcome. The winner or winners would be voted on a poll.
It will need some collaboration from the mods and from anyone who has contatcs in Lee Valley, Lie Nielsen, and other tool makers or shops.

IF not then we'll just let anyone make his project and show it.

This is just a proposal, suggestions are welcome. The final briefing and theme will be posted with the the start date.
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My woodworking season is during the winter (starting sometime after October) because I am just too busy with outside work and taking advantage of the summer activities. I would be interested then, but not now. Heck, the only thing I have done in the "workshop" lately has been to try and flatten the iron back from a wooden smoother that was gifted to me. Someone had really messed it up. I have only been able to spend short periods on it for the last month. Finally got it done.

Of course come winter, then winter activities start (snowshoeing, pickleball and cross country skiing). It never ends. Maybe when I am really old, I will have more time for woodworking. ;)
Great we have some eager people already!:clap::clap::clap:

I might have added someone who didn't express himself clearly and maybe needed a push. ;) if that is the case erase yourself from the list.

For those who are interested please add your name below.
  1. Toni Ciuraneta
  2. Darren Wright
  3. Leo Voisine
  4. Brent Dowell
  5. Ted Calver
  6. Dan Noren
  7. Vaughn McMillan
  8. David Johnson

Dates; as several people prefer it to be a winter project I propose the following:

November 1st to January 15th.

(I've added two more weeks as there is Christmas time in between.)
If there are other proposals please add them below the one stated and we'll make a poll. Remember! the theme or title of the project will be revealed the day prior to countdown!
I'm interested.

As for the dates - November 1st may be a bit early, since many of us are still doing 'outside things' up until Thanksgiving, or even later. Also, February here is typically the coldest month, and usually when I'm in the shop most. I suggest 1 December through 15 March.
I hate to have to bow out but because we will be in Florida all of February and most of March, time is my issue. Never missed a swap since I have been a member here, but will participate by heart this time.