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Bookseller magazine recently announced the 2007 Diagram Prize for the oddest book title. The winner was:
"If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs", described by its (male) author as a self-help book for women.

The runners-up were:
2. "I Was Tortured By The Pygmy Love Queen"
3. "Cheese Problems Solved"

Prior winners include:
"Weeds In A Changing World" (1999)
"The Big Book Of Lesbian Horse Stories" (2003)
"Bombproof Your Horse" (2004, and no, I don't know if it's by the same author as the previous year's winner)
and my personal favorite,
"The Stray Shopping Carts Of Eastern North America: A Guide To Field Identification" (2006)
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Hi Lee :wave:,
Thanks for the post. Very interesting as was a patent I heard of when I was a member of the "Houston Inventors Association".
Believe it or not it went through and was.............Sunglasses for chickens!
Honest! :eek: :rofl::rofl: and it is still Monday the 31st too!
Shaz :)
Shaz..........Sunglasses for chickens have been around since at least early in the last century. My MIL was reading an article in a Chicago paper where the writer laughing referred to "sunglasses for chickens". My MIL just happen to have a pair. They were actually used in commericial chicken farms. Chickens...if they see other chickens bleeding will attack and kill it. The chicken farmers had sunglasses make of aluminum with red ceuloid for the lens and they used a cotter pin that went through a hole on one side of the glasses...through a pierced hole in the chickens beak and through a hole in the other side of the glasses. My MIL took a photo of the "chicken sunglasses" on a rubber chicken...sitting on the newspaper article..and sent it to the writer. He wrote another article including her photo.
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Shaz.....Just so you don't think this ole country boy would "fun" you...

I found a photo that my MIL took for our family photo album


Check this out...