Auxilliary Bathroom Remodel

your a glutton for punishment...
Sorry, but I'm too old to live with the worse bathroom in my whole life. I have flash backs to the 70's every time I go in there (no pun intended).. I don't even turn on the 8-fixture lights anymore, they are so gaudy. But seriously, this one should be a piece of cake compared to the other one. No walls to tear out. Electric should still handle future plans. Sounds like a good winter project to me.
This "we". Is it a literal "we", or a figurative "we"? Asking for a friend. :chair:
Glad you asked that question. It's figurative (mostly). And you know I'm funning you, Ted.

In my defense, I completely painted the interior of our great room, guest bath and guest room, as well as ordering all the carpeting, furniture, etc. Brent did the baseboards, doors and heavy lifting. (That's the "we"). Take a look at the perfect ceiling to wall lines, which I am famous for. I am available for hire :)