Bagel - Bread Slicer

Indianapolis, IN

I made this bagel - bread slicer recently. It was a fun one, and a great afternoon project.

I don't know if anyone else here has made one of these, or something similar but I'd be curious to know how they did the slot cuts. I couldn't think of a very "elegant" way to do this. Hah.

Anyhow, if you want to see my full blog post, along with a free plan / video of what I did it's over at:

I used this product called salad bowl finish. I've heard though(since I bought it) that's it's just mineral spirits, by a different name? I haven't checked to see if that's correct, but it would have been cheaper to just use that I suppose.
Daris, some salad bowl finish is just relabeled mineral oil (not mineral spirits). In other cases, it's simply a thinned polyurethane.

Nice little project, by the way. :thumb: