Bat on the rotary

Darren Wright

Staff member
Kansas City, Missouri
So I got a little shop time in this evening and gave the rotary a try. After loading up the gcode I ran it through a dry run without any stock chucked up and things seems to be doing the right stuff in the right area. I have some old table legs I started on back when I was still single and I've had them around all these years. Decided one had the right dimensions for this project and made use of it.
2020-06-14 17.59.20.jpg

The rounding tool path gadget was used to turn the square parts round. It starts with each of the corners and works on one corner at a time until each are round.
2020-06-14 18.20.26.jpg

Then it starts cutting the the entire piece down to the largest diameter of the piece to be carved out.
2020-06-14 18.41.55.jpg

Next was the roughing of the moulding tool path. The piece turns 360, the spindle shifts over, then turns -360 until the roughing is done.
2020-06-14 19.06.50.jpg

On the final finishing pass, the ball mill works the same 360/-360 pattern for the length of the piece.
2020-06-14 20.00.58.jpg

Here is the finished work, I'll chuck it up in my wood lathe for sanding and a few finish details, then part the end off.
2020-06-14 21.41.25.jpg

I did have one small issue with stopping the job and restarting it. The bit drove right into the end of the bat as you can see above with the 1/4" hole. This is when I learned that my Spindle will send an estop if it gets overloaded, thankfully. I had it do it on one other job and wasn't quite sure why it had stopped, now I know and also need to maybe adjust those settings slightly.

Anyway, should make a nice little T-Ball bat for the grandson to use around the house (or maybe his Dad's house ;) ).