Bathroom mirror problem

Robert Rose

Florida Keys
I have a three pane vanity mirror, where the two outside panes are on doors that swing in. Here is the problem. I had to remove the frames around them to get rid of the ugly paint on them. Broke one pane and had it replaced (professionally done). The frames use silicone to attach them to the mirrors. On the new mirror the frame and mirror pulled away from the 1/4" ply door. I really could not really be sure why (I did not see this happen), but it appears the foam tape used to attach the mirror had pulling free of the ply and began to sag to one side in the plane of the mirror. Sag is only about 1/8" but the frame created more pressure and push everything out and away. It is amazing that it did not break mirror. (see attach pictures) I was going to put a white adhesive caulk in the cracks between the frame and ply hoping to take up some of the pressure on the foam tape. My question is that a good idea or not. If this does not work I will be replacing the mirror again ($30 per pane).IMG_1262.jpgIMG_1258.jpgIMG_1260.jpgIMG_1261.jpgIMG_1263.jpg Thanks for any help or suggestions. By the way if anyone is looking to dissolve silicone there is only one product that can do it DSR-5. It is not cheap but if you have to get it off something that you can not pull or pry on this is the stuff.

Update: I've gone ahead and used an adhesive caulk all the way around the frame, hoping to bind the mirror to the frame and the plywood door.
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