bed rail fasteners

Bob Gibson

Amherst, New Hampshire
I'm sure the experts here will have a better idea but when I had to cut mortises in the end rails of the bed I just made I used my dowel centering jig and drilled a series of holes then cleaned out the cut. I suppose I could of built a template and used my router but I didn't want to take the time.

larry merlau

Delton, Michigan
from what i have seen chris they used a slot cutter the kerf isnt much more than a 1/8" saw kerf. you can position your hooks on the outside to get the pin location its the deep kerf thats the pain.

Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
My first wife and I had a high dollar bed we bought from Ethan Allan that used those type of bed rail fasteners... it was a pretty bed, but it was a pain in the old pastutty to put that thing together...

Bob Wiggins

Former Member (by the member's request)
140 miles west of tulsa
anyone know how to install these...

this wouldn't be my choice for fasteners for a bed but the headboard and foot board are already set up for this type and i am making replacement rails.

i assume i need a deep slot to slide it in on the end of the rail, then drill holes to set those metal pins thru...or am I just missing it?

I would be surprised if newly purchased fasteners would fit the existing pins in the head and foot board unless they were by the same company. But let's say we got lucky and they do fit since we have a slot to work with. And speaking of slots, note the angle of the leading edge of the slot. You may or may not know the purpose of the taper is to draw the rails tight into the head and foot boards so the pins should never reach the slot bottoms. This is why a hammer is often used/needed to disassemble.

And of coarse this brings up the subject of careful measurement. So if I were attempting this I would probably do a prototype with a piece of scrap. As for cutting the slot with the limited equipment I have I'd probably clamp a couple of hand saws together that gives about the correct kerf , and cut them by hand leaving just a little X-tra wood to sand out by hand .