Been Playing Again

Dave Hoskins

Parker County, Texas
Finished this up today. Have to admit there is a interesting looking flaw in the glue up area on the walnut. Lesson learned. Triple and Quadriple check the glue up on walnut I guess. Starting from the center line working out you have red oak, purpleheart, walnut, padouk, and then maple. The glue up line on the walnut mainly shows on the inside. I sanded and buffed until I was blue in the face. Ended up settling for what I had. It does hold liquids in the amount of 5 cups. The diameter is 7 1/2" with a height of 3 3/4" and the depth is 2 3/4". I did the usual thing with the walnut oil and the triipoli buffing stuff. Then the finishing was done with shellac with a small amount of lemon oil wax mixed in. Next time I ain't gonna have no glue up lines in the walnut. :rofl:


Victoria, TX
Whatever flaw you see is completely over shadowed by how nice the rest of it is.

I read once that Navajo women, when making a rug or blanket, would intentionally create a flaw so that the work would not be perfect. Perfection was for God and they did not want to fly in the face of God.