Big Guns

Mike Stafford

Coastal plain of North Carolina
The same friend that was researching locks and found the LockPickingLawyer also sent me links to one of the craziest men on the planet.

This crazy dude fires big guns. Just about anything he can put up to his shoulder he will shoot. See the examples below:

The 4 Bore rifle....

The Punt gun...

The Suppressed 500 magnum revolver...
That is Scott DeShields channel Kentucky Ballistics. He is a former Kentucky State Trooper. He is lucky to be alive. If you notice he wears shirts that say “put a thumb in it”, because his thumb literally saved his life after his 50 BMG exploded on him and lacerated his jugular. He has the video on his channel and the aftermath. He has some great videos and did a couple with Matt Carriker from Demolition Ranch.
That's why these days nearly everybody wears hearing protection when shooting. And if you're shooting with my club or in one of my classes, it's mandatory.
I shot most of my shooting when I was a lot younger and dumber... but I also spend 11 years with a major airlines where hearing protection was mandatory and I never went out on the ramp without my ear muffs....even with them, those jet engines are loud and especially when you wind up walking the fusilage with the number 3 engine running.

I went to Dallas once to a training class and a group of us went to a night club where a local band was playing... sitting at the far side of the room, the boom box was so loud it actually hurt my chest... I left most of the group there and drove to another club that had a nice quiet jazz combo.