Classified Ad Guidelines

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Darren Wright

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Springfield, Missouri
Important Note:

The Family Woodworking Classified Ads forum is for non-commercial use only, commercial members should post in the Commercial Zone. It is intended for use by forum members to buy and sell woodworking-related tools, supplies and services.

It is your responsibility to determine the trustworthiness of the folks you are dealing with. The Administrators and Moderators make no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the quality, condition or suitability of any items sold here.

In order to keep the Classified forum easy to browse, Ad threads will be automatically removed after 60 Days regardless if they are still for sale. For users that have on-going sales of items or posts that are older than, it is their responsibility to re-post items as they expire.

If you item has sold, please add/update the text SOLD to the title of your post.

Thank You,

The Family Woodworking Staff
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