Compression bits - Just some interesting information

Woodworking tools, equipment and processes have it's own unique set of variables. Japanese hololow ground chisels. Table saw blades, band saw blades, helical planer knives - all sorts of stuff.

The HUGE industry of CNC tools, cutters, accessories and anything else has it's own set of variables.

Compression bits are a relatively new cutter design. There is a place for them but knowing what they are, what they do and how to use them is another thing all together. So many people have no idea, but hey it's new so I will go out and get some, then they post about how great they are even though they use the cutter very wrongly.

I found the link because there was some discussion on the Vectric forum so I searched for some info and found that link.

I know there are a few CNC router users here so I figured I should share it.

It could be used on a router table ad well to get a really nice clean cut on a perifery edge without chipping on top AND bottom of the wood.
Yeah I could see them being very useful especially for pattern routing if used with some care. Excellent additional point to consider there!
Yep, I use(d) them for my record crates which I made out of borg grade 1/2" ply. That stuff will splinter if you just look at it wrong.

the 'up/down' compression bits gave me clean cuts on both sides of the ply. Of course I had to cut all the way through into a sacrificial spoil board, but that's no big deal.