Day 73: OK, all youse geniuses! Help!

Bill Lantry

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OK, folks,

You may remember this thread in which I described the shaky ground on which my marriage is based... ;)

Doorlink has said over and over "All I want for Christmas is to have my kitchen finished!"

So, I've taken vacation, which starts today! But it's a working vacation. Chuck and others gave me the hints I needed to gain the confidence to do this. I'm gonna take lots of pictures as I go, but I'm going to need a ton of help! :eek:

Step one: clean out the shop and get ready for a major new project.

Task one: go get some kerosene for the heater. It's freezing out there!

Jerry and Cody, give my regards to Sonny, and tell him this is all his fault. After all, here are his words, verbatim: "Don't let your chance to tool up drive away in a pick up truck!" That's what started this whole mess! ;)


hey Doc????

you gonna gain a whole nother vocabulary:) but oncet its dun yur gonna be better for it! feel free to ask us for any help,, shucks i got a propane heater that would work better than that kerosene one smells better too :) i thinki am about due to get freguent shipping miles here after sendin something to both sides of the world this month:rofl:
Bill, what exactly have you decided to do? From your previous thread it was not clear the direction you were going and it was not part of your "tasks" or "steps" above. Are you going to raise the cabinets some or just use molding to cover the full four inches? New uppper cabinets? As you can see the options are endless. I am curious what you decided to do.

More kerosene is on my list for today also! Looking forward to your adventure.
OK, got some kerosene. It's still 2.99 a gallon! Oh, well.

While I was out, James and I went to Harbor Freight. He got some rattlesnake eggs, and I got some really cheap clamps. Pics soon.

Just took some pics of what a mess the shop is:

camera 001 (Medium).jpg

camera 002 (Medium).jpg

camera 003 (Medium).jpg

camera 004 (Medium).jpg

camera 005 (Medium).jpg

camera 006 (Medium).jpg

camera 007 (Medium).jpg

sheesh! I've got my work cut out for me! ;)


Came back in for coffee and bacon. Also, took a couple pictures of the cheapo clamps.

kitchen 001 (Medium).jpg

kitchen 002 (Medium).jpg

I wanted 4 50 inchers, but they only had three, so the fourth is only 36. $11.99 for 50", 8.99 for the 36. Cheap at half the price! ;)

Back to the freezing cold...


bill, that same kid is pulling you chop saw onto the driveway.
I remember him holding up that huge door.
btw, freezing cold? the kid is in a tee shirt and he looks fine.

and wheres the messy shop? If you can see the floor, the shop is neat enough.
Man, you shop is a mess, you even had to mount your bandsaw on the wall :eek:

James looks like his regular fun self, looks like he is going to enjoy this whole adventure more than anyone :thumb:
Don't get too organized, that will make it look like your spending more time on the shop than the kitchen. :D

boy not a treuer word has been spoken ,once start cleaning you forgoet about your job at hand:)

Bill, what do you mean a mess? Heck I can see the floor!! I seem to be taking the position of my oldest daughter, a floor is only "the" biggest shelf!:rofl:

confession is good for the soul:rofl::rofl:
Day three

Hey, folks,

Sundays are chaos around here... Doorlink leaves to sing at 8 am, and that leaves me with three boys to keep away from each other's throats... with a girlfriend added into the mix at midday. She got home at one, then had a concert in the afternoon, then I had to go with her to the reception. You can see why the kitchen hasn't gotten done! But I did get in a few hours of work!

I've been cleaning out the inside of the beast (my name for the tablesaw/router table combo) It was pretty shocking in there... no wonder it was so hard to move: I had a couple hundred pounds of additional weight!

kitchen 001 (Medium).jpg

kitchen 002 (Medium).jpg

kitchen 005 (Medium).jpg

kitchen 006 (Medium).jpg

kitchen 007 (Medium).jpg

Back to clean! I even found my old jointer sled! Haven't seen that for a while!

kitchen 008 (Medium).jpg

kitchen 009 (Medium).jpg

The book shelf was a disaster. That whole corner was a mess! First, I got rid of all the scraps that had collected there. Even exposed the big shop vac hiding in the corner. Got the cover on the subpanel. Took down the jumbled mess of old books, and got the clamps down (they were hung under the shelf). Moved the shelf up two feet. I really need a much better strategy for clamp storage!

kitchen 010 (Medium).jpg

kitchen 011 (Medium).jpg

kitchen 012 (Medium).jpg

It's going to rain mid-afternoon, so everything has to be back in the shop by then!

Back to it! ;)


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Jerry and Cody, give my regards to Sonny, and tell him this is all his fault. After all, here are his words, verbatim: "Don't let your chance to tool up drive away in a pick up truck!" That's what started this whole mess!

Please don't tell me you actually listened to anything Sonny said. nobody else ever did. :rofl:

I was gonna mention that that didn't look like any horizontal band saw I ever saw. I'll tell ya, seeing the pictures of the kitchen, Doorlink must have the patience of Job as well as being beautiful (I've seen a picture of you, and James certainly didn't get his great looks from the guy in that picture). Get on with the kitchen already. :thumb:
Sheesh Bill, after seeing your pics of the "shop cleanup", I put on my coat and rushed out (in the 22* temp) to the shop early this morning and looked inside, but I couldn't find you anywhere.....:huh:. I thought for sure those were pictures of MY SHOP that you were cleaning, but NO SUCH LUCK,: ( 'cause it still was a mess,:doh: (and unfortunately, it's LARGER than yours).....= BIGGER MESS.:doh::rofl::rofl::rofl: