Dehumidifier Support Stand

Dehumidifier Support Stand ......(Part 1 of 2)

.... Some time ago I made up my mind I was going to make a Dehumidifier Support Stand and recently just finished it. I needed to get the dehumidifier up off the floor if the basement flooded for some reason and to allow the condensation water to run out of the tank more quickly. Also, with the tank off the floor a couple of inches the water acts as a trap, just like your sink or tub, keeps things from backing up. Here are some pics with some explanation.

.... This is the base support stand. I used 8 biscuits around the hole in the middle, top and bottom where the 4 boards meet horizontally. Without the legs and the top vertical support the horizontal platform is just about as strong as they come.

.... This is just a side view of it just to give a better understanding of the support.

.... The support with the Dehumidifier mounted on it.

.... Here is a front to rear horizontal shot. NOTE: the wheels off the support.


.... These last two pics above show the unevenness of the bottom of the Dehumidifier itself. Made it difficult to support directly from the bottom, other than it's wheels. Not wanting it to move around on it's wheels, I supported it from the sides with the vertical supports. Also, I wanted to leave it as open as possible so nothing would have a home or hiding place and no collection of moisture.

.... This is a shot of the side at the rear where the drain line hooks up.

.... This shot shows how the water has a pretty good raceway down the drain line from the rear opposite side.

... From the top rear this shot shows the tank removed if that ever becomes necessary.

.... The next two pics show how this unit lines up with the others.
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Dehumidifier Support Stand ......(Part 2 of 2)


.... Here is the connection from the Dehumidifier to the main drain line with the other units.

.... And this is were it all ends up, the larger line is the main drain line.

.... And this is the end of the story of how the Dehumidifier Support Stand came into being, The End.