Demilune Table - Update 24Jun20

Bill Arnold

Staff member
Thomasville, GA
I thought I'd do an interim post to show that I'm making some real progress on this project.

Among the initial work was using my vacuum press to adhere the veneers to the top and bottom of the top panel, and to form the bentwood for the apron and drawer front. After making the bentwood, we decided the proportions needed an adjustment, so I cut the pieces down to shorten the apron.
DemiT102a.JPG DemiT102b.JPG

The first phases of glue-up: three legs and table-side French cleat. I added a half circle section to the bottom of the legs to complete them. I still need to tweak the cove profiles to blend them. The 'badge' I made is a 1/4" domed piece of cherry, not glued on yet, so we'll see how we like it.
DemiT103.JPG DemiT104.JPG

This morning, I glued the strips I cut to make the front trim for the top panel, using the top panel and its mating piece from the CNC cut. I'll leave this to cure overnight before pulling it.

The next step will be milling the internal pieces to tie everything together.