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Paul Douglass

S E Washington State
Simple question, I have a paper back book of Military emblem designs. I have been scanning the patterns to my computer so I can have them in a file and I can crop, resize them as I want.. It is hard to get a good, non-distorted scan with them in the book... So I want to remove them to scan... Been trying to think of an easy way to cut them out of the book. My thought is take the book to the table say and shave the binding off. What say you? Would it be a safe thing to do? I do have more scares from the table saw than any other tool I own, so I do not want to do a stupid. I could tape the book up good to hold things in place first.
There are phone apps that do a nice job scanning too. I use cam scanner on my iPhone and it has options to clean up shadows and such. You can output to various formats
I bought a scanner for my wife that will scan book pages and flatten them out in the image. I was skeptical that it would work as advertised but it did. They were about $60 less when I bought it for my wife.

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Nice, but $199! I only paid $4 for the book.
My thought is take the book to the table say and shave the binding off
For removing the binding..

My choice would be to clamp the book between two boards and shave it with a sharp hand plane. Goes quite quickly (I've done this when binding books to even the fronts and it worked really well).

There are however a handful of apps that can scan a book and "magically' flatten the pages in software like depending on what system your phone uses...

Rigging up a small jig to scan from that clamps your phone and the book(s pages) might be worth doing regardless just for repeatability.. Sure wouldn't have to cost $400 :D
Paul you can put me as the other guy without a cell phone. Hate the things. Barely can use my tablet and that's mostly to read library books. Used one for about 5 years driving delivery truck and that is all. Then it was an old flipphone.
I think the phones are great, However I do not like what they do to people. The phone takes over their lives to where they have to be fiddling with it all the time... you can tell me you do not do that, but I have not seen anyone yet that doesn't. The phone MUST be responded to when it summons... Heck I don't even answer my home phone when it rings, usless I am close to it and I am in the mood to be disturbed. I tend to be a loner, like my space and they seem to take that away from people. I have been know to just walk away if I am talking to someone and they interrupt the conversation to respond to the phone, it has priority. One last thing to my rant, when I go to a store it is because I have specific need, I get what I came for, and get out. If I carried a phone, I would be gettng texted or caledl all the time "while you are out would you stop and get this or that... I know, I have been paged it a store because my wife asked them to page me and have me pick something else up... It is somewhat embarrassing, "Mr Paul, you wife called, she would like to have you pick up such and such... " Okay, that's it, I know, I have become that grouchy old man, I never thought I would become.