Do you want your shop feel bigger? TIDY IT UP!!

Sorry if this is not the right forum to post this but I didn't know where to post it.
Last week I underwent a major clean up and tidy up of my shop, to be honest it was better than it looked, the main mess was in an auxiliary cabinet that I've been using to just drop anything. Here you can see the before and after pics. Honestly it feels much better to work there now. I hope to be able to keep it like that...IMG_6139.JPGIMG_6140.JPG

Brent Dowell

Staff member
Reno NV
It is amazing isn't it! I made some progress lately, but I've got a long way to go.

That looks great Toni!

glenn bradley

Looks great Toni! Having a place for everything and being able to quickly put it there makes your shop time so much safer and more enjoyable. I'm sure all of us get caught at times with things that don't have a place yet. If you are like me, these things set about for some period of time. They seem to attract other homeless things to them until a snowdrift of "what do I do with this stuff!?!" type of flotsam robs me of my workspace. At some point I hit what I call the "THAT's . . . IT!!!" point where I stop whatever I am doing and deal with the interlopers ;-) Once they have a home I can return to my 'happy place' and go back to work. My previous shop could go from a war zone to 'picked up' in nothing flat since all I had to do was to put stuff where it went. I hope to do the same in the new shop but, I have to get a slab poured first.