Don’t See This Every Day

Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
Although they are very rare here, we do hear about the occasional moose sighting in New Mexico. For the past year or so there have been several reports of a bull moose spotted around the Truchas Peak area in the northern part of the state. Many years ago moose were not uncommon in the southern Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico, but over-hunting pretty much wiped them out. Colorado has had success reintroducing them into the wild in recent years. Since NM has not started such a program, the Truchas moose likely strayed down from one of the small Colorado herds.

Then yesterday photos started circulating of a bull spotted near Tesuque, which is north of Santa Fe in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Well, it appears he worked his way farther south overnight, as he was spotted on the streets of Santa Fe today, not far from the Plaza. These photos were posted on Facebook today. It was later reported that Game and Fish successfully tranquilized and moved him to the mountains near Chama in northern NM. Definitely not an everyday occurrence in these parts. :D

Moose on the Loose 1.jpg

Moose on the Loose 2.jpg