Drill Press Accessory Cabinet

glenn bradley

The DP Wall Cab has gotten installed in the new shop so I thought I would post a recap. The hydraulic lift helped get it in place.
New Shop (396).jpg
The adjustable shelves allow for changes in tooling (or of mind).
DP-Cab-Wall (66).jpg . DP-Cab-Wall (67).jpg
The door holds frequently used items and opens toward the DP operator position. The lower door makes a platform to hold items while working. It is also handy for the Drill Doctor. The plastic shoe boxes inside hold the Drill Doctor when not in use along with other bulky items.

DP-Cab-Wall (68).jpg
The shelves inside hold other drilling paraphernalia.
DP-Cab-Wall (69).jpg
There is room behind to hold extra shelf parts for future use.
DP-Cab-Wall (70).jpg
That's about it.