Drum Sanders

Bill Casassa

Columbus, OH 43026
Has anyone had any experience with Grizzly's new 10" sander, the G0716? At $345 plus shipping it is the cheapest I've seen for a new drum sander; and, it says you can actually sand up to 20" (10 + 10). I might make the trip to their May tent sale and come back with one.
Bill if you want to sand 20" get a 20" sander.. the idea of sanding a wide panle one half at a time isnt the best way to do it.. look at a woodmaster sander from Missouri.. good machines and made in the USA not parts but built there the motors maybe from elswhere..well built and rugged..
I've the and performax 1020 and would have to agree with larry about the width issue. That being said, it does work great on smaller projects...:thumb:
Looks OK. But, the idea of sanding half of a 20 incher in one direction then going the other doesn't sound like the way to get the best results. Howsomever, if you rarely do over 10" and are willing to hand sand bigger stuff to look perfect just occasionally, it might be just the tickee for you....or anyone.
I like the built in wheel set for moving. That could be handy on almost any tool.
Drum sander

I have the performax 10-20 great little sander that has saved me countless hrs of sanding,BUT I never had any good luck in doing one side then the other.Like said,if you plan on sanding the wider boards,then save and get a 20in mach.
I have a Performax 16-32. I never have used it to do a double sand. Didn't intend to when I bought it. Primary use is for sanding veneer after resawing so nothing over 12" wide or 3/16" thick anyway. I might add (gloating) the only reason I have a 16-32 is 'cause I got on CL for 200 bucks. :thumb::D