Enlarge Edge Sander DC Port to 6"

glenn bradley

When I was enlarging a lot of my 4" ports to 6" to try to milk some more years out of my current DC I stopped short. I just hit a point where I wanted to make furniture for a while and all I was doing was shop stuff. Nothing wrong with shop stuff . . . I love shop stuff . . . I had just been without a shop for so long I wanted to make something not-shop-stuff :D.

As usual I have supplied way more info than anyone cares about . . . to the point. I found myself standing around waiting for glue to set and so checked my to-do list. There it was, still waiting . . . "enlarge edge sander dust port". The stock port is like so.
Sander Pics for Larry (10).jpg
When I moved the sander into the new shop I had just hung a 6" hose loosely on the port and called it good. Time for something better.
A quick cobble of some plywood scraps, a plastic port, and some magnets.
Edge Sander Hood (1).jpg
Edge Sander Hood (2).jpg
The hose now connects tightly.
Edge Sander Hood (3).jpg
Edge Sander Hood (4).jpg
The magnets allow me to quickly remove the hood for sanding at the end of the belt. It can even hang on to the spindle table for some operations and still provide a bit of collection.
Edge Sander Hood (5).jpg
That took just about enough time for the glue to set to the point where I can go back to what I was doing while checking one more thing off the list ;)