Epoxy Resins

steve ramsey

Lafayette, IN
I need to make a coffee table for the cabin in Wisconsin and I am considering a river table. Been watching a number of videos the last week and it looks doable. What I am wondering is if there is somewhat of a consensus as to brand of resin. What I have in mind will be a 4 step process, pouring a tinted thin layer to lock in the rocks & gravel, filling the remainder of the river, seal coats and a flood coat. I don't have the material yet so I'm not sure of the thickness of the slab yet but would like 1 1/2" minimum.
I’ve never made one, and I think I doubt I will, but if I had to, I would make a trial with two small boards prior to go for the final one. That would show me the final colour of the resin, its hardening time as well as test the rest of the making such sanding and finishing, without having to buy too much resin or colorant.
But I am a rather cautious person when unknown procedures are concerned