Fillet and Offset in F 360

Don Baer

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As implied this will be about two basic operations that I find useful in modeling wit Fusion. First is called filet and the other is called offset.
First I will start but creating a new design. For this model I will use the x and Y plane and be looking at the design from the top down.

Next I will make a rectangle that is 5 x 5.
Next I will select the filet function from the modify menu. An I will select the two lines I want to create the filet on
If I want to to multiple filets with the same radius then I continue to select lines while holding down the shift key when I am done selecting the fillet I put in the dimension needed.


The next function is call the offset
This is done by selecting the part of the shape that we want to make a offset copy of

and putting in the distance you want the new shape to offset the old one. it can be either a positive or negative offset.


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Don Baer

Staff member
SWEET - what a nice tutorial.
Glad your gonna join the Fusion team. Speaking of teams one of the nice things about the software is the ability to form a team and share your work with other. I haven't looked into the mechanics yet but it looks like if I were to invite you and others to join my team you would have access to my work and could open the files I am working on and also I could have access to your work.