Finished this yesterday

Wow, that's a nice-looking piece, Mike! :clap: That's a heck of a way to make a first post. :D
Thanks Vaughn for looking in. Just discovered this forum but have been woodworking off and on for about 50 years. I discovered segmented bowls about a year ago and simply got hooked. The vase here is my first attempt at staved construction but after some different setup jigs it is the same as segmented work .

Glad to be here.
mike calabrese55
That's an amazing piece Mike. Welcome to the forum, please feel free to share more of your work.
Thanks Don for the welcome. I got pretty lucky with the vase. The picture here is the project I was working on right before the vase here .
I had some success with the vase not so much with the last bowl bowl :oops:
Glad to me on board here
mike calabrese55


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That is stunning! WOW. :bonkers::bonkers: As others have stated, welcome to the family and glad you found us! That vase is a work of art!
The bowl, was that a result of a catch? Are you going to finish it/repair it?
Hi Paul & Dave Thank you for your kind comments and most of all your service to America.
I am not a Veteran , my message to every Veteran I encounter and to every Veteran here is I get to be here free in America because you were there for America THANK YOU I will never forget.
mike calabrese55
That is stunning! WOW. :bonkers::bonkers: As others have stated, welcome to the family and glad you found us! That vase is a work of art!
The bowl, was that a result of a catch? Are you going to finish it/repair it?
Hi Jonathan Thanks for your kind words. The bowl that exploded was totally my fault. I was basically done flipped the bowl around and mounted in a Cole jaw. The idea was to clean off the part off of the tenon . It was only going to take a quick clean up so like a fool I did not bring up the tail stock to support the hold in the cole chuck.
It was going great then the catch....... the bowl blew out of the cole , fortunately I was not in the line of fire, bounced off the cabinets behind my lathe and flew across the shop.
I was not happy with my stupid self and have learned long ago that I am far happier later by not trying to fix stupid now.
it went to the trash just so I would not be tempted to scratch that itch.
Thanks for looking in
mike calabrese55
Great looking piece. Look forward to the next ones.
Thanks Robert for looking in. The vase turned out pretty well considering the previous project (above) was a total blowout. I was real careful not to get ahead of myself on the vase. You would think here in my senior years I would be a little more patient with my projects but I still get excited the closer I get to the finish line. :ROFLMAO:
mike calabrese55
That is a great piece of work. Sure out of my area of expertise. Welcome to the forum. You'll have a lot of fun with these guys. Happy holidays.
Hi David thanks for looking at my post.
Just a side note I discovered segmented bowls less than two years ago and the vase here is my first try at staved construction.
Honestly I just want to say to anyone who may not have seen or considered this type of project it really is not complicated at all. Really is just a string of ordinary woodworking skills a simple table saw or band saw sled and naturally a lathe.
The wedges are cut on a sled pioneered by this gentleman Jerry Bennett
The wedge cutting math is on an app you can download to your phone from Google play, there are many versions here is one such calculator
The rest is just table saw cutting , gluing , clamping and more gluing then off to the lathe. The staved stuff is just a little more cutting work to get compound angles but again all from from published charts and then table saw or band saw work.
Not trying to talk anyone into this type of work but just want to say that my initial exposure to segmented bowl and vase pictures gave me the impression it was waaaaaaay more complex of a process that my old bones would have time or skills to learn. I rate myself as an advanced woodworker something taller than a novice level just from my years of making sawdust and found the steps to do this work way easily understood from the inside looking out than the outside looking in.
mike calabrese55