Finishing be like...

I know what you're talking about, but along the years I've found that if you can see them or even barely see them prior to finishing they will not be hidden when you apply the finish. So for my twisted table, I spent a lot of time, and I mean A LOT, sanding, checking, and sanding again. There are no shortcuts, no easy ways out. And even then you'll miss some of them which are waiting to appear when you apply the finish.

Rennie Heuer

Staff member
Constantine, MI
1.Before I start any project I
See it as a finished piece and know my steps.
2. "Slow down, your moving to fast, got to make the morning last now"
3. Touch is your favorite friend when wanting a smooth finish.
A finished piece is only as good as your prep.
My finishers are tought these 3 steps and I remind them often.
With your permission I may print this out and hang it next to my “what would Glenn do” sign. 😁