Florida Members: How Are You Doing?

Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
Just wanted to check up on any Family members who are in Florida or otherwise in Ian's path. Hoping all is well with everyone.

Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
Dianne's eldest daughter and her husband moved to Florida earlier this year, to the Fort Meyers area. They just closed on a new house on Monday. We heard via FB this morning they are well and safe. The new house was for all intents and purposes untouched. Don't know about where they both worked yet. Wes our son-in-law is a chef at the local country club and Kim, the daughter works for a condo unit as one of the managers. It does not look pretty down there.
I have a close friend that lives here and was my turning buddy until his health failed that has a daughter and two brothers down that way, also in Fort Meyers... I have a call in to him to see how his family fared, but haven't heard back from him yet.
Wes's sister has a condo on the beach in FM, but she is in Europe right now and Wes and Kim were staying in her condo... haven't heard how that fared yet.