For Sale -- Rockwell Delta Lathe Model 46-305

Mack Cameron

In Memorium
Lathe = Model 1460, Stand = Model 1463, together they make up the Delta Rockwell 12" X 37" Wood Turning Lathe Model 46-305. It's D. of B. is Jan. '48, verified with Delta by the serial # 61-5066. New Original Equipment bearings replaced early '08.

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This is a pic of the day it was put into operation in my basement workshop. It is covered in pen shavings at this time but when dusted off would look like new again.

Right angle tool support, 4 step motor pulley, 3" & 6" face plates, 4", 12", & 24" tool rests, floor stand for outboard tool rest, spindle steady, spur centre, cup centre etc. etc.

No turning tools. Asking $700.00

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Motor specs for any interested parties!