Friday 21Oct22

David Johnson

Got all the house plants in for the winter. Created a mini greenhouse in garage to carry over. Grow lights and insulated doors ahould work. No room in the house to keep them. Not to many just afew to see if this will work.
Work on expermintal cutting board, one with handle then paracord handle with a braid. See how it looks.
Glad it's warm again. That cold blast didn't set to good on my old bones. To sudden a drop. I know Leo loves cold weather, me not so much.
Everyone have a safe and healthy weekend.

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
I have a few things to do outside to put the yard away for winter.
I have about a dozen perennials that I bought on clearance at the borg that need to be planted
Just a few more Black Walnuts to harvest before processing

Then the leaves - I finish that up on the week after Thanksgiving.

Other than that - it's Kitchen remodel work. I really need to FOCUS on THAT.

Bill Arnold

Staff member
Thomasville, GA
This will be our normal Friday - heading to Boston for lunch in about an hour. Back home, it'll be nap time, then see what I feel like doing later.

Saturday should be some time in my shop continuing to mill some pecan for a set of shelves for a neighbor. Also need to mil a bit of oak for a new honey-do.

Sunday will be my usual routine of preparing brunch, then just a day of chillin'.

Speaking of chillin', we had a nice blast of cool air this week - makes it feel a bit more seasonal!!!

allen levine

new york city burbs
Babysitting tonight and he's getting tough at bedtime so it will be an experience
Terrible twos
In between the heating pad and tens machine I managed to cut out a few lazy rail animals
2x4 and 2x8 whatever I find or is left over
It gets cut on bandsaw and spray painted
These decorations are made to lay on a deck rail
Not fine woodworking or art but quick and easy and people like this stuff

I don't have a deck rail but these are going out to people soon anyway


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Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
Taking LOML to an eye doc appointment this afternoon and running a few assorted errands in preparation for heading up to my buddy Jeff's cabin in the Pecos mountains for the weekend. I've been nursing a cold most of this week, so I'm not planning on doing much at the cabin other than just relaxing. (I do have a dimmer switch to install, but that'll only take a few minutes.)

Sunday evening when we get back from the mountains I'm meeting with a student who needs to do the classroom portion of his 4-year CCW renewal, and at some point I'll be watching the Formula 1 US Grand Prix.

Monday I've got a friend coming over with a chunk of wood that he needs drilled so he can make it into a lamp. He doesn't have a drill bit that can go 12" deep or so, but I do. ;)

Darren Wright

Staff member
Springfield, Missouri
Unloading firewood from the trailer tonight, then loading up walnuts to take to the processor tomorrow. Have a bedroom ceiling that needs some attention to the ceiling tiles that are coming loose, maybe staple them back up for now. Have a pool that needs disassembling to take to storage.

Hoping to put some walnut on the mill to saw. May saw up some of the larger hackberry firewood for blocking to set the walnut on to dry.

Oh and have some upgrades to do Saturday night. ;)

Peter Rideout

Nova Scotia, 45°N 64°W
Fine fall weather on the way here and there’s still good foliage colour in many places, so we’ll likely take a walk in the woods.
Orchard work is tapering off a bit as the major fresh fruit varieties have been mostly harvested, so I’ll be gradually shifting over to some of the many outdoor carpentry jobs on the list.
I hear it’s snowing in Michigan. Larry, Tom, were you ready for that?
North West Indiana
Busy week trying to get parts and the Oliver running. Both grandsons stayed today and worked me hard! We cleaned a corner of the barn, emptied the 55 gallon barrel of ashes, dropped the 3pt mower out back, took the bale spear off, moved a feed wagon and then hooked onto the auger cart and put away a ton of cattle feed. Took time for lunch and then built a puppy pen. When the girls all came home from shopping we carried all ten puppies from under the ramp to our back door to their new pen in the barn. Hope she leaves them there tonight. We cut the doorway so she can jump in and out. Just wanted them corralled so they don't get out in the driveway. Plus, under the ramp they weren't getting enough people time. Lou and I hooked the gooseneck flatbed trailer on, going to get some slab wood bundles tomorrow and then run my new bus route in the bus to get a sense of time so I can call my pickups Sunday with a possible time.

Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
Not much happening here... the Charles Hall Museum and Market place is having their Cherohala Skyway Festival today... may drop by for a quick view... don't have inventory to participate plus I have a booth inside the Market place anyway...
Tomorrow I'm clerking at the Museum Marketplace.