Friday 31Jul20

Kerry Burton

Orem, Utah
I'm 3+ weeks behind!

Started a new job at the end of July, the same week my wife decided that we needed to START tent camping (in our late 50s) because she's been getting into Open Water Swimming and is looking for lakes and reservoirs to swim in. I've spent more than 135 nights in a tent since 2002, what with going on multi-day motorcycle rides and Scoutmastering a troop for 9+ years ... but after our first and only shared night in a tent around 1987 I didn't think she would ever want to try it again. Now that it's her idea we're almost going overboard. We got back from a 2-nighter yesterday, we already have campground reservations for mid-September, and she's hoping to score at least one more weekend before then.

Also spent a LOT of time poring over our finances while I was between jobs, which has led to meetings with financial advisors, etc.
Put $3000 dollars into my 2000 Subaru Outback to fix various things, most importantly the air conditioner.

Anyway ... what with one thing and another I've been too busy to sleep, let alone visit FWW. I have 6 pages of new/updated threads to catch up on; wish me luck!