Friday 6/9/23

I power washed my bus inside and out today. Deliver it back to the school tomorrow (Sat.). I have probably only gone to a dozen graduation parties of students over the years. I just don't like "overlooking under age students drinking" (it isn't all the time thing, just don't like myself being put in that position). Anyway, have one graduation party Saturday, a student that has overcome so much and after my welding and woods classes I talked him into taking the building trades program. He fell in love with the trades and his teacher has helped him get in position to get in the trades union as a carpenter laborer. Sunday another graduation party for a student that was my all time highlight in the woods class. He turned so much quality over and above his assignments. An outstanding young man that his parents are top notch people and were past students of mine (yeah, getting old).
Been cleaning the shop. Hope to get my dust collection system up and running in a couple of weeks. Have the John Deere sitting in front of my garage (my outside shop!) with one tire dismounted from the rim, have the rim off, getting the bolts out of the cast iron wheel. Pulled the floor/deck off of it last fall and replaced the steel hydraulic lines under it. Once I get the used rims and tires I bought for it, will do a complete tune up and fluid change and get it running. Of course have to continue the calves education. Have a great week all, stay safe and healthy!
Have a CT scan scheduled for Tuesday. More info on that later.