Gent's boxes

Mike Stafford

Coastal plain of North Carolina
Back in the days when I was selling a lot of boxes most of my sales were to women. Women bought jewelry boxes, decorative boxes and boxes for their children. There were a few men who were customers but by a large margin women bought most of the boxes. On occasion a woman would ask about a box specifically for a man or seek to commission a box for a man.

So I came up with some boxes that I called Gent's boxes. They were designed to give a gentleman a place to empty his pockets. These boxes were large enough for a wallet, a money clip, a watch, an ink pen or two. They were temporary storage boxes rather than jewelry boxes..

Here are a few....

The first is made from bubinga and figured maple.
Bubinga Fig Maple 1A (Custom).jpg Bubinga Fig Maple 1B (Custom).jpg

This one is made from Carpathian elm burl veneer and walnut. It has some dividers at the gentleman's request.

Carpathian Elm Walnut 1A (Custom).jpg Carpathian Elm Walnut 1B (Custom).jpg

This Gent's box had a tray. It was built from walnut and walnut veneer and utilized Soss hinges and decorative jack chain.

Gent's Walnut Box 1A (Custom).jpg Gent's Walnut Box 1B (Custom).jpg

This Gent's box was made from Lauan mahogany which I dyed with traditional red mahogany dye. It is hinged with quadrant hinges. The simple dividers were based on the golden ratio. I don't have a picture of it closed.

Gent's Dyed Mahog Box (Custom).jpg

And lastly another walnut box with a recessed veneered Birdseye maple panel which is impossible to see in this lousy scan of a poor photo. The box had slanted sides and was hinged with Soss hinges and jack chain. The tray also had slanted sides which are hard to see in this photo.

Gent's Walnut Slant Side box 1A (Custom).jpg Gent's Walnut Slant Side box 1B (Custom).jpg

Ryan Mooney

Staff member
The Gorge Area, Oregon
Nice collection continues! I like the burl and the walnut veneer ones, harder to tell but I'm betting the Luan was a looker in real life as well.

It's also a pretty interesting overview of some of the hinge systems. Those quadrant hinges are super nice looking.