Glenn's Shop

Glenn, I don't know how I missed this, will try to go through it slowly and methodically this weekend.

Ken, welcome to the family and thank you very much for bringing this thread back to the front to show me what I had missed.
First, welcome Ken.

Second . . . alas, this shop is now gone. We have been making changes and one of them is new digs. I figured to be down about 6 months. I think by the time I actually move a machine into the new space it will be over a year of no-shop!!! I have been selfishly living my shop time through following Rennie's threads these last many months. I think it is one of the things keeping me sane. I picked up some tools I wouldn't normally acquire in order to get me through tasks around the house. Hopefully I have chosen well and they will still add value once I am back in a real shop. My shop contents now live jammed into a garage, trailer and sheds about the property. Soon . . . . soon . . . . soon . . . Oh, sorry, I was whispering the mantra I use to keep from screaming ;-)